The NeoVoce Philharmonic Choir, established in 2020 and officially registered in Canada in early 2023, is a non-profit choral ensemble comprised of vocal enthusiasts from diverse professions who share a passion for choral singing and strive to achieve their musical aspirations.

The choir shares one common mission: to demand singers with professionalism in rehearsals, to treat audiences with professionalism in concerts. NeoVoce has rich performance experiences covering a variety of Western traditional choral works, contemporary choral arrangements and compositions in diverse cultures and numerous languages.

Since 2020, under the baton of the Artistic Director and Conductor Leo Li (Choral Canada board member), NeoVoce has undergone a series of systematic and rigorous choral trainings; the choristers’ choral literacy and skills have improved dramatically. The choir was selected in the open rehearsal at PODIUM2022, Canada’s national biennial bilingual choral conference, in Toronto. NeoVoce hosted its inaugural choral concert “Hearing the East” in 2023 and its second choral concert “Hearing the East” in 2024.NeoVoce has also participated in PODIUM2024’s the Digital Horizons Series in Montreal. 

Our Team

Leo Li

Artistic Director & Conductor 

Choral Canada  Board of Director, Toronto

Dr. Leo Li (abd), Choral Canada on board director, Chair of Choral Canada Membership Committee, Member of Juried Program Committee, the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Award recipient, choral and orchestral conductor. 

His journey as a conductor commenced officially at the age of 18, where he led a choir to victory with a Gold Prize at the Czech International Music Festival. Currently holding his Ph.D. Candidate status at the University of Toronto, Canada, Dr. Li (abd), a Chinese Canadian award-winning conductor, ardently dedicates himself to fostering connections and bridging possibilities for various choirs and singing groups, facilitating cultural exchange from the East to the West. 

Dr. Li (abd) possesses extensive experience in the realm of conducting. His expertise extends across diverse music ensembles, ranging from mixed choirs, equal-voice choirs, and vocal ensembles, etc. Additionally, he has showcased his conducting prowess with symphony orchestras.

Dr. Li (abd)’s influence in the conducting sphere transcends borders, as he has conducted and performed in various countries spanning four continents, including Australia, Canada, China, the Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine, etc. a notable highlight in Dr. Li (abd)’s career when he led the performance at the Friendship Concert during The 9th World Choir Games in Sochi, Russia. The 9th WCG marked his victory in the Pop Music Genre, Open Competition, securing the first-place accolade. 

Dr. Leo Li (abd) has undergone a comprehensive musical education, studying under the tutelage of esteemed Canadian and international conductors, maestri, and educators. His educational journey spans from high school to graduate levels, including masterclasses and workshops, where he has focused on choral and orchestral conducting, musicology, and music education. 

In addition to his conductor training, Dr. Li (abd) has delved into vocal performance and instrumental studies such as flute and percussions under the guidance of Canadian well-known artists and musicians. As a vocalist, he has performed in concert halls and theaters around the world, including Gateway Theatre in British Columbia, Ontario Royal Museum, Tyndale University, York University (Toronto), China National Library Arts Center Concert Hall, and China National Theater for the Performing Arts, etc. This diverse training background has equipped Dr. Li (abd) with a well-rounded foundation across various musical disciplines. 

In 2022, serving as the instructor and conductor, Dr. Li (abd) led a choir in the Connections Series – an event comprising open rehearsals for national and international delegates at PODIUM2022, Canada’s national biennial bilingual conference and festival. Looking ahead to 2024, Dr. Li (abd), again in his roles as instructor and conductor, is set to present a lecture recital titled “Chinese Immigrant’s Ethnic Choral Singing” at PODIUM2024 in Montreal. 

In 2021, Dr. Leo Li (abd) assumed the role of Co-Chair for the School-Community Engagement Portfolio and Local Liaison Portfolio within the PODIUM planning committee. The subsequent year, he, along with his colleagues, initiated a groundbreaking project known as the Connections Series – a platform fostering collaboration between mainstream choral societies and community-based ethnic choral and singing groups. This venture, now a recurring project, is set to expand its reach in 2024 in Montreal, facilitating more connections within the choral community. 

At the end of 2022, Dr. Li (abd) accepted NeoVoce Philharmonic Choir’s invitation as the conductor and staged their inaugural choral concert in downtown Toronto in 2023. In 2023~2024 music season, Dr. Li (abd) has been appointed as the Artistic Director and Conductor of NeoVoce Philharmonic Choir and NeoVoce Philharmonic Quartet. In the summer of 2023, Dr. Li (abd) served as the Artistic Advisor, Conductor, and Chorus Master for the “Ode to Peace” grand original music concert. Notably, the accomplished musician and composer, WANG Yan-Qiao, has recently expressed high praise and affirmation for Dr. Leo Li (abd)’s contributions in conducting, rehearsals, and performances. 

Yan Huang

Lyric Soprano and Vocal Trainer

Studied under Professor Chen Yanfang of Music Department of Xiamen University, Professor Zhan Shihua of Music Department of Jimei University, and Professor Guo Lingbi of Acoustic Song Department of China Conservatory of Music. She has been engaged in music teaching for many years and has rich experience in singing performance and teaching. She has participated in many competitions, and won the silver Medal of National Excellent Singer Competition, the Gold Medal of Fujian Singer Competition, and the Gold Medal and Silver medal of the 5th (Graz, Austria) World Chorus Competition. Also She has visited Southeast Asia, South Asia, Europe and other countries for cultural exchange activities.

LuYao Xu

Collaborative Pianist

M.M. in Michigan State University

Studying in University of Toronto

Piano accompaniment experience:

Shanghai Little Star Choir, China

St. John’s Lutheran Church Choir, U.S.

Dongze Li

Apprentice Piano Accompanist

He began learning piano at the age of seven, and began playing piano accompanist for Hamilton and Burlington choirs at the age of ten. He has performed on the stage of the Hamilton Chinese Spring Festival Gala several times. He has won multiple gold medals in piano and popular singing competitions at music festivals held in London, Niagara, Hamilton and other regions. Currently in ninth grade at Hamilton Westmount Secondary School. His goal is to obtain a Grade 10 piano certificate and a Grade 8 violin certificate in the first half of 2024.

George Liu 

Violin II

He started learning piano at the age of four and violin at the age of seven. Currently serving as violin accompanist for an adult choir in a church.

He has participated in many local and international piano competitions and won many awards and scholarships. He completed the Level 10 piano course at the age of thirteen. Pass the violin level 10 exam in 2023.

Currently studying in Grade 11 of a high school in Mississauga, he is a member of the school band, and the band has won a gold medal in national competitions. He is also passionate about composing music and is currently composing and playing violin for a film directed and performed by middle school students.

Gavin Li


He began to learn violin at the age of seven and joined the Suzhou Youth Philharmonic Orchestra at the age of ten to perform in the orchestra. He immigrated to British Columbia, Canada at the age of 12. He studied and played the French horn in the wind band of the high school where he attended. He also played the violin in the Richmond Delta Youth Orchestra (symphony and chamber music division) and also made his first appearance in the string quartet. Tried viola. After attending Laurel College, he studied with violinist Jerzy Kaplanek and joined the Penderecki String Quartet. He resumed studying the viola and began to enjoy it more in chamber music classes, where he studied with viola player Christine Vlajk at Laurel University. In 2022, he will transfer to the University of Toronto. In January 2023, he decided to completely switch to viola and studied with Rémi Pelletier, the principal viola player of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

Kaylee Tian


She started learning piano at the age of six and cello at the age of eight. Currently a cellist in the Mississauga Youth Symphony Orchestra.

In 2023, she won the Peel County Music Festival scholarship and first place in the string duo group. In 2024, she participated in the Toronto Kiwanis Music Festival competition and won the Platinum Award in the Class 10 Classical Music category and first place in the Pop Strings category.

She is currently a seventh grade student preparing for the Royal Conservatory of Music piano and cello level 10 exams.

Sunny Cai

Rehearsal Piano Accompanist

Jason Peng

Vocal Lead