Hemerocallis Fragrance Heartfelt Farewell

The Neovoce Philharmonic Choir participated in the special concert of star-studded film and television songs at the Lorne Park Baptist Cathedral in Mississauga on the evening of February 18. This was a musical feast that attracted a large number of fans to watch. At the concert, the Neovoce Philharmonic Choir brought two classic songs - "Hemerocallis Flower" and "Farewell to the South of the City".

The song "Hemerocallis Flowers" was composed by the famous composer Zhao Jiping. The lyrics are affectionate and beautiful, expressing the theme of cherishing the present when life is short. The Neovoce Philharmonic Choir performed this song vividly and vividly with clear and euphemistic singing, bringing the audience into a wonderful realm.

The other song "Farewell" is more heavy, making people feel the sadness and reluctance of parting. The Neovoce Philharmonic Choir performed the song affectionately with their melodious and melodious harmony, which aroused the emotional resonance deep in people's hearts.

At the concert, the exquisite performance of the Neovoce Philharmonic Choir won warm applause and praise from the audience. They used the power of music to make people feel the depth and breadth of human emotions.