MiltonNursing Home  performance

The Neovoce Philharmonic Choir, led by Captain Xiaodong, performed a very exciting show for the elderly at the Milton Nursing Home on June 18. The program was perfectly arranged for an hour, and the genuine smiles and applause from the invitees, nursing home staff, and elderly residents showed heartfelt appreciation.

Thanks to every organizer, participant, and behind-the-scenes supporters, including AliceJ who helped with the program, Yulin who printed the program, and Fanny who downloaded the audio. I won't list everyone here, but everyone worked hard!

Our versatile choir excels in everything we do. Our entire performance included dance, song, instrumental music, and a fashion show combined with singing. We had solos, duets, small group performances by boys, mixed small group performances by boys and girls, as well as collective gesture dances, Peking opera, and many other wonderful performances.

Through this small-scale performance, we discovered that Xinsong has hidden talents and dual talents, led by the all-rounder Xiaodong, with our sound engineer and singer Goden being the most popular among the elderly, the dedicated outreach expert Yixin, the beloved Yu, the talented singer and dancer Grace, Chen Jing, who sang and pulled, Henry, who sang well, special guest Xiao Lan teaching gesture dances, the able to sing and blow, and also can host the Qu Jingzhong, the husband and wife to make delicious egg tarts, recorded by our cameraman Ji Liang.

The success of this performance, of course, owes much to everyone's talents, but more importantly, each participant showed a kind and respectful love towards the elderly. Members of the choir overcame various challenges and set aside their tasks to participate in today's performance, driven by a heartfelt desire to serve the community. This compassion truly touched people deeply. In preparing the program, we considered the preferences of the elderly, made efforts to interact with them, and aimed to let them experience the beauty of life.