Snowflakes Fluttering Unforgettable Tonight 

—— NeoVoce Philharmonic Choir’s first overseas Spring Festival Gala performance on New Year’s Eve of the Year of the Rabbit was successful

On the New Year's Eve when the Tiger and the Rabbit meet and say goodbye to the old and welcome the new, the NeoVoce Philharmonic Choir, led by professional chorus conductor Leo Li, was invited to participate in the Canadian CNTV Overseas Spring Festival Gala. It debuted and sang the classic song "Unforgettable Tonight". Conductor Leo led a team to sing "Put Your Hijab" on CNTV last year during the Mid-Autumn Festival, which was well received. Therefore, the overseas Spring Festival Gala director team specially invited him to lead the choir members to present another good song.

Although the lead soprano Ms. Huang Yan has only been in Toronto for a few months, her high-pitched and sweet singing like a yellow warbler has become well-known in the Chinese performing arts circle in Toronto. Although lead lyricist Jason Peng is young, he has been active on the stage in many regions for many years and is well-known. Our piano accompanist, Lu Yao, is a graduate of the piano major, and joined "Unforgettable Tonight" to add luster to our chorus. Henry Yan's violin accompaniment adds melodious and affectionate holiday thoughts and expectations to this golden song.

Overseas Spring Festival Gala, singing and dancing, singing and laughing, Yingying Yanyan, each shines. The NeoVoce Philharmonic Choir wore a black evening dress and a red scarf symbolizing joy and auspiciousness on their shoulders, and passed the stage before the performance. Electric piano, violin, lead vocalist, chorus, perfect coordination. Before the performance, the troupe members went to Tiantian Fishing Port for dinner together to celebrate the premiere and to spend a happy New Year's Eve. Under Xiaodong's suggestion and leadership, the whole group sang "Unforgettable Tonight" in a flash mob. Our singing lingered, and the lingering sound curled up, which attracted other diners in the restaurant to praise and applaud us.

An unexpected accident happened when we were on stage! The electric piano malfunctions for unknown reasons and cannot be used. Under the calm guidance of the conductor Leo, all the choir members remained calm in the face of danger and calm in the face of changes. With the performance of the violin, they performed this classic song of eternal youth for 40 years with rich voice and emotion. The premiere of our NeoVoce Philharmonic has lived up to everyone's expectations and the hard work of all our members. Spring is full of sweet sounds, and flowers are full of four seasons.

Melodious as a nightingale song, the sound touches my love, love follows the heart, and the music sings among the clouds.

The successful premiere of our snow fluttering will surely usher in the blooming of four seasons of flowers!

Finally, please enjoy our New Year's Eve flash mob and stage performance! I wish you all a Happy New Year! Happy Year of the Rabbit!