NeoVoce Celebrates Asian Heritage Month

In celebration of Asian Heritage Month, the NeoVoce Philharmonic Choir presented two a cappella pieces at Toronto’s time-honored Redwood Theatre (built in 1914) on May 31, 2024. It was an amazing evening of music and storytelling spanning many different cultures and countries. NeoVoce’s masterpiece "Night Beauty at Prairie," depicting a serene, starlit, yurt-dotted Mongolian night, added so much beauty to this vibrant city gala. Their "Cease My Eyes," an English madrigal from 1593, evoked a sense of reminiscence among the audience, bringing to mind old times, lost love, and universal emotional experiences.

Artists at the concert also included the Asian Riffing Trio (pop/R&B), Janice Jo Lee (live looping artist and storyteller), Two.H (champion beatboxer from South Korea), and the Chinese Canadian Choir of Toronto. Toronto mayor Olivia Chow also addressed the concert.

Asian Heritage Month offers everyone in Canada an opportunity to learn more about the history of people of Asian origin in Canada and to celebrate their contributions to the growth and prosperity of our society.