An Unique Open Class 

Neovoce Philharmonic Choir’s Unique Open Class Far Exceeded Expectations

February 25th is the normal rehearsal day for the choir. It is also an open class for the public this year. The open class is held in the most professional music rehearsal hall with the best sound effects at York University.

Friends who love music or are interested in joining the choir, who came here or were introduced by the members, arrived one after another before the rehearsal started and took their seats in the front left of the rehearsal hall. Among them, Cai Hongmei, the conductor of the Tsinghua University Alumni Art Troupe, and Tang Hong, the alumni representative, Ms. Zhang Lei, president of the Hongye Cultural Association, also participated in the entire event. A total of nearly 20 guests came to observe this public rehearsal class.

At 2:30, the rehearsal started on time. Under the leadership of the artistic director of our group, Leo, we began to warm up and practice vocals. At this time, an unexpected surprise benefit came that the members of the group did not expect. It turned out that Teacher Leo had a special performance after the concert yesterday. We invited Professor Edwards to give us vocal guidance. Unexpectedly, the professor readily agreed and came to our open class today!

What followed was a very unique and exciting class that made the group members very excited. The classroom atmosphere was very lively and lively, and the climax was a master class of the highest level. The professor was instructive, explained the profound things in simple terms, and was humorous. He taught the group members pronunciation, rhythm, and especially It provides detailed and comprehensive demonstration and guidance on the singing skills of Italian songs, as well as the understanding of the style of the work, emotional processing, etc. It can be said that the results are immediate and obvious. Professor Edwards also personally stood in the tenor team to demonstrate the processing effects of different volumes and resonance colors. The timbre and expression of the group members immediately improved to more than one level. A famous teacher is a famous teacher, and he truly deserves his reputation!

Today's rehearsal was attended by the string quartet and the two pianists, who rehearsed many Italian, Japanese and Chinese songs. Each song received the professor's inspiration, demonstration and specific guidance. There was a feeling of enlightenment and enlightenment. Afterwards, the chorus members still had unfinished thoughts and endless aftertaste, and sincerely expressed what an honor and happiness it was to be personally guided and taught by such a world-class vocal professor. Those members who did not come today would have missed something. 100 million?

Everyone here today, including the new friends who came to participate in the open class, were surprised and shocked by today's unexpected gains and encounters. How many times can we have such unexpected and beautiful experiences in our lives?

The better news is that the professor also promised to help us check and improve our singing skills during the several rehearsals before the concert as long as time permits. We are full of confidence, and encourage us to go to China to participate in the World Choir Festival, and wish us good results in the competition! This makes every member of the group look forward to the subsequent rehearsals, and feel even more lucky and happy!


What night is it tonight? I have to meet the master.

What a day it is today, how lucky it is to be like this!