Hearing East 2023

 Hearing the East

Riding on the wings of choral music, soaring in the sky of art!

The special choral concert of the NeoVoce Philharmonic Choir was held at the famous Knox Presbyterian Church on the west side of the University of Toronto at 3:30 pm on March 25. The performance was performed in a solemn, sacred and elegant atmosphere. Under the commanding skills of the young conductor Leo, the chorus members are engrossed and perform affectionately, pouring their understanding of the song, pursuit of art, perception of life and love of life into their singing, captivating the audience. Introduced into the artistic context of each work, the audience gave warm applause at the end of each song. When all eleven English songs, Latin songs, Taiwanese songs, mainland songs and national songs were over, the audience in the auditorium There was a protracted burst of applause, cheers and screams that resounded through the church!

During the three years of the pandemic, everyone has experienced the most torment, the saddest, the most frightening, the most depressing, the most missing, and the saddest time in this life. During these three years, our choir members have been performing vocal music and music online with Mr. Leo. Chorus learning, once a week, never stops. Singing gives us spiritual support and comfort, making this time less worry and tension, more joy and harvest. Today, our NeoVoce Philharmonic Choir brings these Sing out, and make a summary report to our relatives, friends, and audience friends who love music and art about the harvest and touch of the past few years. Just like conduct Leo said, this is life for most of our members for the first time, we are extremely excited and cherish it!

In this spring when the pandemic is basically over, in the sacred church under the huge dome, the beautiful pipe organ, the sound of the piano, the singing full of thoughts and art, emotions and philosophical thoughts, and the harmonious and beautiful multi-part harmony echoed for a long time! Music and art, singing and applause brought warmth, hope and light to this cold early spring. On the way home from the church, the rain stopped and the sun broke through the thick clouds , radiant, hot, the long-lost spring is back!

Let us fly freely in the sky of art on the wings of singing!