Neovoce Yee Hong Performance 

On June 4, the first community outreach performance of NeoVoce Philharmonic Choir at Yee Hong Centre for Geriatric Care was a complete success with the joint efforts of everyone!

Our entire performance included dance, song, instrumental music, fashion show and singing; solo, duet, small chorus, large chorus, song medley, and group dance. It was wonderful and countless, allowing Yee Hong’s elderly friends to spend a very pleasant afternoon. The person in charge of Yee Hong Centre for Geriatric Care sent us a thank-you letter as soon as our performance ended, thanking us for presenting a high-quality and wonderful performance for the elderly friends. All the elderly who watched the performance were very happy.

Through this performance, we discovered many dual- and multi-talented people in the group, such as Grace and Chen Jing who are good at singing and dancing, He Xian and Ying Tao who are good at speaking, singing and hosting, Superman and Fanny who are husband and wife, Wendy who can play beautiful strings with both hands and dances lively and agile like a girl, and the singing of our singer who won the Water Cube Award, which even attracted the staff working in the hospital to stop and listen at the door of the performance hall; and many more.

The success of the performance is certainly an indispensable aspect of everyone's talent, but more importantly, every performer has a kind and respectful love for the elders. In order to participate in today's performance, many members have to work overtime to complete their own work first, and some members have put down their own business or family affairs. This love for serving the community is really touching. In terms of program preparation, from the beginning of program selection to the performance site, everyone always considers the preferences of the elderly, tries to interact with the elderly, wants them to feel the beauty of life, and uses dance and classic songs to recall the happy memories of the past. Everyone's love has been felt by the elderly friends. After the performance, one of our supporters, He Xian, collected feedback from the audience on the spot, which shows that sincerity can be exchanged for sincerity. It is really just like the theme of our performance today: Full Love of Yee Hong! 

As soon as our NeoVoce Choir’s first charity performance ended, it aroused a series of community responses. Soon other communities invited us to perform. Many people said: I didn’t expect that your choir, in addition to singing, has so many other wonderful programs! Singing friends, I am really proud of you! Let us continue to work hard to bring glory to our choir!