Hearing East 2024

Hearing the East 2024

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The NeoVoce Philharmonic Choir's "Hearing the East 2024" special concert finally came to an end with the melodious and affectionate melody of "Farewell", Rare are moments of reunion in life, only farewells abound .

As the end of the concert, this choral work adapted from a classic old song was given new connotations... We invited several recent and past graduates of Tsinghua University and the University of Toronto to use this song as a special tribute Graduation gifts were given to them... and when the song progressed to the a cappella part, the choir members raised their mobile phones one after another and turned on the rear flashlight, and their arms swayed along with the long harmony... At this moment, the whole audience The lights gradually dimmed, and many spectators in the stands raised their mobile phones in unison... In an instant, the sea of stars and lights from the flashlights at the back of the concert hall swayed together, creating a warm but melancholy atmosphere of farewell and longing... I don't know where it is. In the artistic conception at that time, many people had tears in their eyes...

The music is endless, the lyrics are endless, and most of life has experienced reunions and partings. This song is not only a farewell song among classmates, but also expresses the feelings of separation and reunion among classmates. Maybe the classmates will get together less and apart from each other from now on, and maybe they will never see each other again and it will be difficult to get together again. It is our common wish to cherish every joyful moment in life, every opportunity for friendship, and live up to our years.

"With the same voice, we respond, and with the same heart, we understand each other; when a goose feather is sent thousands of miles away, the most important thing is the person"...

After a busy and intense study and rehearsal for the entire music season, finally came to an end. Fruitful results have been achieved. Nineteen musical works of different styles sung in Italian, Japanese, Indian indigenous languages, Cantonese, Chinese and other languages were completed at a high level and beyond the standard. The performances were well received by the professional musicians who attended the meeting. The artists have been widely praised and praised, and it has been highly recognized and loved by the audience. It has become a rare Chinese music event in Toronto in recent years. Thank you to our family, friends and everyone who loves music and art for witnessing this wonderful time. , because of your support, encouragement and help, you gave us the motivation to learn and the courage to persevere, allowing us to constantly challenge ourselves and turn what we thought was impossible at the beginning into a possibility. Of course, all these results are inseparable. Our commander Leo put in much more hard work and effort than ordinary people, pushing and pulling hard, and it is also inseparable from the hard work and perseverance of the regiment leaders and ministers. The entire regiment worked together to learn from each other and help others. , every member of the group has made progress and improvement that they can hardly believe. When Mr. Leo was immersed in the song and shed tears of excitement at the concert, we saw that a child born for art has paid more than ordinary people. Imagine the hardship and effort. In this world, no one can succeed casually, even those with high talents!

The following is a congratulatory letter sent by Mr. Zhang Xiangyu, a famous Chinese composer, musician and conductor in North America whom we are familiar with, after attending the concert:

Hello friends! Under the training and conducting of my young friend conductor DR.LEO in less than a year, and with the hard work and cooperation of you and all the chorus members who are goal-oriented, willing to endure hardships, and have strict requirements on themselves, we have achieved amazing results. Fruitful! Let me just say one thing: This is the first choir I have seen in many years since I came to Toronto that completely relies on the performance of all 19 choral programs to attract the audience and make them stick to the end of the concert! Congratulations and thanks friends! Zhang Xiangyu Early morning of April 14, 2024

Leo Li, Artistic Director & Conductor, NeoVoce Philharmonic Choir, Choral Canada on board Directors-Chair of Membership Committee